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TOURAcademy at Pronghorn Club, Bend, OR

TOURAcademy — the gold standard of golf instruction.

THE TOUR CLUB will elevate your golf game with customized access to the TOURAcademy® — exclusive training sessions that include PGA TOUR-level instruction, club fittings, and more. In all honesty, TOURAcademy gives Members of THE TOUR CLUB an almost unfair advantage.

Offering a full range of instruction options, from five-day golf schools to one-hour private coaching sessions, TOURAcademy provides you with the nation’s most exceptional learning programs. Our training tools include technology that, until recently, was only available to TOUR professionals — like the TaylorMade MATT 3-D Motion Capture System, Trackman Ball Flight Monitor and one of the world’s few TaylorMade Putting Labs.

TOURAcademy operates several different product lines, from premier and standard academies at resorts and other prestigious golf facilities, mobile facilities for conferences, corporate events and other similar outings. There are 10 TOURAcademy locations across the nation, and more planned, many of which will be located alongside TOUR CLUB destinations.

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